My practice is deeply rooted in collaboration and a commitment to

Black, Trans and Queer communities who have and continue to do/make art as a mode of understanding, celebration and survival.


I teach within a Harm Reduction framework. I do not seek to perputate oppressive educational systems by placing academic/artistic rigor over working with the unique and specific needs of the participants.


Workshops; Mvmnt in the Shadows, Vogue to Get Free, Vogue Studies, and The Moment The Movement, Zine making + Collage, and Art + Technology.

Vogue to Get Free: Summer 2017
Mvmnt in the Shadows
Vogue Workshop: Summer 2016
Vogue Workshop: 2015
Vogue Workshop: 2014
Vogue Workshop: 2014
20 Neighborhoods: 2013-2014
3rd Language: 2014
3rd Language: 2013